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Why the Dividend Attitude?

Easy to follow
We provide a framework in an easy to follow format with a step-by-step approach to analyze dividend growth stocks.
Understandable language
Analyzing the performance of dividend paying companies can be hard enough, so we made a concise effort to describe the steps in a manner so that everyone can understand it.
Concrete advice
We won’t only show you which metrics are important to analyze, we will also show you why those metrics are important and how to calculate and look them up yourself.
Complete framework
Analyzing a company is only part of the process in deciding whether you should buy a stock or not. We give you information on how to decide if a certain stock meets your personal investing goals, fits into your current stock portfolio (if any) and if the current stock price is worth it.

Who We Are

We feel that if you want to accomplish something in life, whether it is becoming physically fit or increasing your passive income through investing in companies that pay a sustainable and increasing dividend, it is all starts with the right mindset or attitude. So from that starting point we started this website, because in order to invest in the right companies you must first know what to look for.

Without the right attitude you would make your investment decisions based on recommendations of others, like people on Facebook giving you advice or based on the opinions of analysts (qualified or unqualified).

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Contact us and let us know what it is you are struggling with so we can see how we can help you out! If you have any other questions or you can’t find what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to contact us as well.

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