We focus entirely on the process of researching a dividend paying company and give you concrete take-aways to do the research yourself instead of relying on the advice of others. We believe that if you want to successfully invest for the long-term you must learn how to research a business yourself. And that is what we are here for; to help you with that process.

No, we don’t make any stock recommendations as that would defy the purpose of this website; learn how to do the research yourself.

Asking this question does not help you progress further into your research. If you want meaningful answers, either by asking us or on a public forum, you have to ask a specific question related to the due diligence you have already done.

To answer this question you must have an estimate of the fair value of the company. If you want to learn how to do that, go to the ‘When should I buy?’ articles on our website.

We only offer tips and trics on the research process and we don’t manage any stock portfolios for our customers.

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